Sorter with visual inspection

Sorter with visual inspectionThe tool provide two load ports where a standard 8” carrier could be seated
I/O stations are fitted with an internal automated scanner that could count and map present wafers into each carrier.
An optional hand held bar code scanner could assist carrier identification process.
Behind I/O’s a scara robot could face each cassette to pick or place wafers Wafers are held by two ceramic fingers fitted with peek pins (edge contact)
Once onto robot fingers, wafers could go to an alignment and ID station or/then into a buffer box or/then into inspection unit or/then into output carrier.
Alignment station ensure edge grip contact and rotate wafer to find notch.
Buffer unit provide storage up to 25 wafers.
Inspection System: operator On the right side of the sorter frame a visual inspection unit is present.
This unit will receive a wafer from the scara robot, then unit will rotate to present wafer to operator eyes. Operator could rotate and tilt the wafer.
Two optic fiber bundle will distribute light coming from light box to shine wafer from top.
After inspection unit will rotate back to let scara pick inspected wafer.


  • Machinery 2006/42/EEC
  • EMC 2004/108/EEC
  • Low voltage 2006/95/EEC
  • Machine Safety EN12100 EN60204c1 EN13857


  • Uptime 95%
  • Breakage rate 1/1E4
  • MTBF > 1500 hours
  • MTTR < 1 hour
  • MTBA > 750 hours
  • MTTA < 5Ec3 hour

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