Stocker 200mm

Pod Smif Stocker
Open Cassette Stocker

With the Stocker 200mm we provide you with a fully automated stand alone 200mm cassette storage system.
The modular design of the Stoker 200mm allows expandable storage capacity and easy integration inside the fab.


Different capacities and performances are available.

Normaly it is depending of your available room.

Different loadports can be used. The Comet stocker is compatible with your tracking & MCS system. Do not hesitate to contact us.


    The average of one transfer from shelf to loadport is about 14 seconds. The Preventive Maintenance is reduced to the minimum in order. The Stoker 200mm Clean Concept assure a Class 1 inside the Stocker. N2 purge can be used if necessary.

Facilities and Requirements:

    The Stoker 200mm are either standalone or remote controled. The Stoker 200mm can moved in your fab and its capacity can be increased matching with your production flow.


    Stockers for Foup, Fosb, FFO, Smif Pod or Open cassette.

Software flexibility

    The R2D Software is customized with your specifications. Data collection and statistic function are available. Do not hesitate to contact us for futher detais.


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