Stocker 300mm

Stoker 300mmES 300 120 FOUPs/FOSBs
1450x3000x4330 per module
modular dimesions

In 1996, R2D introduced the Stocker 300mm advanced generation of fully automatic wafer handling and management systems.
With the Stocker 300mm stocker we provide you with a fully automated stand alone FOUP/FOSBY/FFO storage system.
The modular design of the Stocker 300mm allows expandable storage capacity and easy integration inside the fab.
Compact, fast, reliable and customized, the Stocker 300mm is designed to meet the fab requirements.

ES 300 120 FOUPs/FOSBs
1450x3000x4330 per module
modular dimensions


  • OHT/AGV/PGV load port
  • Ionization system
  • Fan filter unit
  • Bar code gun
  • Additional load port
  • Average loading/unloading time: 15 sec.


  • Fully automated FOUP/FOSB/FFO management
  • Optimized footprint
  • 1 or 2 load port
  • Storage capacity expandable to fully feet your needs
  • Operator touch screen
  • IR/FR or barcode FOUP Id
  • Interface RJ45 or RS 232/TCP/IP
  • Auto-adjustment
  • OHT/AGV/PGV load port
  • Tower light
  • UPS

Facilities and Requirements:

  • Weight: 1,200 kg
  • Power: 100-240 VAC 3.6 Kw
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Full Load Amps: 5-15 A
  • No need for compressed air


  • CE certification
  • SEMI Standard

Software flexibility

  • Standard or customizable software
  • FOUP recoveries
  • Restart after error
  • Option multiple
  • Friendly interface and customizable
  • Easy integration with other systems by SECII-GEM, ASCII, RS, TCPIP

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