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R2D automation office

Founded in 1991

    • Based in Clapiers, France
    • Currently 34 employees
    • Listed at Nasdaq: ASYS


R2D Automation has over 20 years of experience in wafer handling automation. In 1992 the company created the Comet batch wafer transfer tool, a new type of first class stand alone batch wafer transfer system for Semiconductor industry. Early 2000 R2D Automation designed the first single wafer transfer system and developed a new line of 300mm batch transfer systems using a fully automated homemade Scara robot. In parallel to the semiconductor activities R2D started designing batch wafer transfer systems for the Solar Industry.

Today, R2D Automation is a global supplier of Solar and Semiconductor automation equipment with a 35% global market share for Solar diffusion furnaces.

R2D Front office

In 2006 R2D Automation successfully delivered the first automation systems to be combined with Tempress diffusion furnace (Alix automation). One year later R2D was acquired by the parent company of Tempress (Amtech Systems Inc.) to create an unique integrated solution to its customer base. Since then R2D has provided over 400 diffusion automation systems to the solar industry, making it market leader in this segment. In 2014 a new generation of batch wafer transfer systems was introduced to be integrated with the Tempress 5 tube furnace platform. In this new automation wafers can be transferred from cassette to longboat in single slot and back to back positioning, at full and half pitch spacing.

R2D’s current product offering consists of :

  • Stand-alone automation for Solar diffusion systems
  • Integrated automation for Tempress Solar diffusion furnaces
  • Batch transfer tools
  • Sorter with Optical Character Recognition
  • Stand alone Optical Character Recognition
  • Sorter with Visual Inspection
  • Customized solutions upon request

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